Finding Your Critters

One of the unexpected side effects of my artificial life program - the Critters - is just how much time I spend looking for the damn things. Since they determine their own paths; they find their way into any and every nook and cranny and can be difficult to locate. And, as Lunata adds to the vegetation at the Lunatorium the creatures meld better into the background.

The critters have always had a track-me option, which is a script that responds to an http request with the objects current location. Each critter sends its server url to a tracking suite on an external server, which then periodically polls each critter. I developed in-world tools to help find errant critters, using this data. They helped but still involved far to much chasing around for my taste.

Now I've turned to the Map API and I have a page with a visual overview of a sims critters, along with the ability to TP directly to their last known location. It's a technique I could use to present choices of destinations in other contexts too. Not to much programming for a useful visual result. Kudos to Phillip Linden for the Map API. Hope the bugs get worked on one day.

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Perhaps I should get an agent!
I really have no idea why I was asked to be a guest on Metaverse TVs' Grumpy Old Avatars Show, but since it was Slim Warrior asking I put my bafflement aside and agreed. I was a talk show virgin, but I hope I managed to hold my side up. I wonder what the chances of appearing on two different TV networks in the same week, given I had no prior experience. All in all, an odd experience, but fun.

Grumpy Old Avatars 11/5/10 from Metaverse TV on Vimeo.

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Our 5 minutes of fame on Designing Worlds.
Designing world hosts Saffia & Elrik came to the Lunatorium and interviewed us for an episode of their show, the result (after some skilled editing) was a flattering video that showcased Lunata's creations and my Personal Assistant. The critters also got a look-in. It was a fun experience, but next time I'll get an animation for Bavid.

See what the show had to say here.

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Personal Assistant

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I had a nice drive on my resolve to get this site working. But I cannot procrastinate any more, because I want to document my Personal Assistant project. Not to mention the months of work I put into the Critters - alas still waiting for Linden Labs to fix the notorious, everything drops dead on a sim whenever anybody TPs into it, bug (see SVC-3895).

Personal Assistant is new. It's my solution to finding items in shops in Second Life. It's novel and fun, simple and gets you where you want to be quickly. Hmmm, Fast, Easy, Fun! Might be a motto there..

All going well, we're going to be on TV to demonstrate it, and to show Lunatas work, on November 1st 2010 Designing Worlds.

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SLTranscript goes Beta

Local chat in Second Life allows avatars within a 20 metre radius to exchange text messages with each other in a natural way. SLTranscript is a gateway for local chat to the internet. Chat conversations can now include people posting from web forms; Twitter users; and posters from Multiple User Conferences (chat rooms) provided by services such as

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